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Ileiry Geospatial Services is specialized in Geomatic and geographical Information systems. We work mainly in the Environmental sector but do not confine ourselves to a particular domain; anywhere there is a need for GIS, we are available to serve. We offer the following services:

Remote sensing

remove clouds From acquisition of images to creation of the product of your choice, we search for data, analyze images and extract the information you want and deliver them to you in a format useable to you, and following your specification if you have one, or following a standard that we can suggest in case you are short of idea. The most common remote sensing tasks that we have done are:

GIS analysis

GIS analysis flowchart

We do GIS analysis, from a simple information mapping to the most complex tasks such as modeling. Our team have specialization that helps making GIS analysis a breeze. In addition to the GIS specialization, our team also has at least MSc. Degrees in: Plant ecology, animal ecology, and economics. Common tasks that have been assigned to us include:


Teaching ArcGIS We offer trainings at our local that can handle 10 students/trainees and we can also deliver training on location, depending on the client availability and preferences. Below are the field we offer training for: